Reliable Solutions


Personal safety during installation in service is the cornerstone of WTT's engineered systems


Our focus on innovation results in efficient solutions having reduced installation and material costs


Fabrication know how and simplicity in design results in ease of installation and universal material supply

WTT Tower Features

  • External post tensioning for EASE OF INSPECTION
  • MATCH CAST DRY JOINTS under continual compression eliminate grouting.
  • REUSABLE precast segments reduce costs of REPOWERING
  • Concrete towers REDUCE FOUNDATION SIZE
  • Precast segmental construction allows for EFFICIENT TALL TOWER INSTALLATION
  • Modular post tensioned segmental towers are ADAPTABLE to allow taller and larger turbines during repowering.

Concrete Wind Tower Benefits

  • Higher Hub Heights
  • Investment in Local Economy
  • Simple Match Casting Procedure
  • Speed of Installation
  • Reduced Cost Transport and Erection
  • Longevity of Wind Tower
  • Safe Reliable Proven Technology
  • Reduced Cost of Energy