Our services at a glance

Our product innovation and engineering excellence span all aspects of wind tower design and development. We pride ourselves on our proven design and construction methodology. Our precast segmental technology is proven to be highly durable and economical.

  • Precast concrete and Hybrid Designs for tall towers between 100m and 200m
  • Foundation Design
  • Failure Analysis and Remediation
  • Tower and Foundation Remote Structural Monitoring

  • Formwork and Special Equipment Procurement
  • Global Supplier Network
  • Production Process Improvement Support
  • Safety Management Program

  • Materials and Construction Quality Assurance
  • Geometry Control Procedures and Oversight
  • Contractor Training on Site
  • Inspection Services

  • Reinforcing of Foundations and Towers
  • New Loading Geotechnical and Structural Analysis
  • Life Cycle Engineering

  • Remote Monitoring
  • Remediation Engineering and Procedures
  • On Site Support